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We offer comprehensive consulting tailored to your unique needs and aspirations, assisting you in navigating the intricacies of your projects and objectives. Whether it's crafting and executing programming applications, managing the installation and upkeep of servers, or strategizing and deploying complex international networks, our team of experts stands ready to provide support across all necessary fronts.

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Experience the convenience of hosting your website on our reliable servers. With the intuitive interface provided by Plesk, recognized as the industry-leading control software for web hosting, managing your website becomes effortless and entirely automated. Rest assured, our comprehensive services encompass server maintenance, backups, network management, and all other essential aspects, freeing you from the burden of website maintenance concerns.

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Cloud Servers

Our cloud servers seamlessly integrate the vast array of configuration possibilities inherent in OpenStack with the intuitive operation and user-friendly interface of our bespoke control panel. Within our control panel, crucial functionalities like VM creation, IP address management, and cost oversight are readily accessible. Furthermore, leveraging the OpenStack API extends the capability spectrum of these servers, allowing for the integration of supplementary functionalities.

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Dedicated Server

We provide server hardware rental services tailored to accommodate projects of any scale! Whether you're embarking on a small venture or a grand undertaking, we've got you covered. Customized solutions are also available to perfectly match your specific requirements. Our dedicated servers offer a distinct advantage over our cloud services, granting you access to entirely autonomous hardware. While this may limit the flexibility for real-time hardware adjustments, it ensures unparalleled physical isolation from external influences. With root servers, you enjoy unrestricted access and complete control.

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Experience the unparalleled performance of our robust network infrastructure with a remarkable capacity of 160Gbit/s, strategically positioned across over 11 regions. Dive into seamless connectivity with our IP transit services offered at unbeatable prices. Additionally, avail yourself of our comprehensive suite of optional services tailored to your needs, including DDoS protection and L2 transport solutions, ensuring your online operations remain secure and efficient.

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